Today is a New Day

And so, I have applied for a job writing for a local newspaper.

Essentially, this is a step in a brand new direction: a way to secure a future here in Spain and a new career move for my own self development.

First of all I need to learn how to handle myself in the WordPress format, so this is a practice run to check out what I can learn quickly. Let’s just see how it goes.Inspirations (36)

Out with the Old…



I live in Finland, in a small apartment with Mieheni (Finnish for My Man). I moved here 4 years ago, after struggling to maintain our long-distance relationship via the internet. The move that I chose forced me to abandon the vast majority of my 40-something years of collecting: clothes, photos, trinkets & all the items to which I attached such sentimental value.

This proved to be a greater wrench than I had previously expected. Exciting though it was to be in a new country, meeting new people and finding my way around, there was a huge language gap and my partner, being something of a recluse, was not the best tour guide.

Living in a new place is not the same as visiting a new place. This may seem very obvious on the surface, but the deeper emotional impact of transferring to an unfamiliar environment can affect people in a variety of ways. Some enjoy the thrill of the unknown and live life in anticipation, always prepared for the next exciting adventure. Others enjoy careful planning of any large project and may feel insecure if the changes seem too great to handle. I myself have always enjoyed travel, whilst safe in the knowledge that Home will be exactly as I left it and knowing that, upon my return, life as usual will resume.

I am a planner. A maker of lists. A creature of habit. But my situation required some haste, so I packed (what I considered to be) the most important items required for living in a cold country in the winter. I mothballed everything else in my ex’s attic, in the vague belief that I would return within a few months to arrange it’s transfer.

I took a Leap (though I did have a very thorough look first!) and moved to Finland, Land of a Thousand Lakes, home of Santa Claus, holiday destination for skiers and nature enthusiasts and Home of the man I loved.